Diabetes on the Job

As a Type 1 Diabetic, we are all aware of the importance of informing the people around us about our condition. However, sometimes it can be a touchy subject to bring up for a variety of reasons including discrimination, like, being turned down for a job offer because others fear that something could go wrong or that you will often be “sick”. Occasionally, I don’t tell some of the people surrounding me due to my annoyance with misconceptions such as, “you must have loved sweets when you were a kid” or “yeah my Grandma has the same thing.”

Now I suppose that person’s grandmother could have type 1 diabetes but statistics prove it’s more likely to be Type 2.

Do you tell people at work or college about your diabetes?

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Playing the Blame Game with Diabetes

Do you ever feel as though diabetes is often the underlying cause of other illnesses?

I’m a symptom-googler as soon as I feel anything coming on. Often the results show many things but more often than not I’ll read a phrase along the lines of “people with diabetes may be prone to xxxx.” It’s not only the acclaimed search engine that tells me these things, it’s the doctors – all kinds of doctors. Endocrinologists, general practitioners, urologists, gastroentorologists, etc. Yes, I have been to see all of the above for illnesses, problems or conditions (ahem, diabetes) which have been indirectly blamed on my diabetes.

Now, being prone to so many things is not only frustrating but terrifying. Sometimes I feel that when a doctor doesn’t have an answer, they may be using diabetes as an easy way out. But then again, it could be the truth.

So, not only does diabetes cause direct obstacles on my day to day life which cause sadness, anger and fear, it makes me prone to a whole whack of other things. I’ve even symptom-googled “female’s inability to acheive orgasm” and guess what one of the reasons might be?

You got it. Diabetes.

Encouraging News: A Strawberry a Day Keeps the Endocrinologist Away

Don’t you just love fresh strawberries? A little concerned about the impact they might have on your blood sugar? Well fear not – as long as you count your carbs and dose accordingly.

A study finds that a flavanoid found in most strawberries can fight complications of type 1 diabetes.

So far, the tests have only been performed on lab mice but hopefully a clinical trial will be supported. While it’s not a cure, it could be the next best thing.

Make sure to add strawberries to your daily meal plan and don’t forget to bolus/inject for the extra carbs!

To read the study see: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/06/110627183932.htm

Canada on the Forefront!

As of yesterday, the JDRF Canadian Clinical Trial Network has launched research campaigns and clinical trials to evaluate new treatments and technologies for type 1 diabetes.

$33.9  million has been invested to funding testing of technologies and treatments for individuals with type 1 diabetes.

For pump-wearers, the first trial is testing improved technology for precise basal rates. A second is looking into the acceptance of u glucose monitors.

For more information, see the press release: www.cctn.jdrf.ca/news/2011.06.20_CCTN_PR_EN.pdf.

Way to go Canada!!

Research for a Vaccine

The JDRF and Selecta Biosciences have established a research collaboration for a vaccine to prevent and better treat type 1 diabetes.

Click here to see the press release.

Exercising with Type 1

The Thrill of Exercise – Don’t be Afraid

As we all know, exercising with type 1 diabetes can be a tough and scary task. The risk of a low blood sugar increases dramatically, tempting us to forgo exercise completely.

Don’t be afraid! With the advice and help of your doctor, you can master it. And remember, immediately before and after your workout, test, test, test those blood glucose levels!

Diabetes exercise expert Allan Bolton demonstrates the similarities between exercising with type 1 and skydiving. I think we all can relate.

Inspiration Behind Type1DiabetesLife

Image source: Flickr photo by Jill A. Brown

Welcome to Type1DiabetesLife. This blog is dedicated to providing people with type 1 diabetes and their relatives with reader-friendly information, news and a community to share and interact with others living the type 1 diabetes life.

To start off, Type1DiabetesLife would like to recognize just a few of the fantastic blogs that have inspired the birth of this one:

  • Six Until Me – This blog is a journey through Kerri’s life with type 1. She gives us her (almost always) optimistic insight to her adult life with diabetes.
  • Diabetes Mine – Diabetes Mine is a great resource of news, personal stories, products and more for people living with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
  • ASweetLife – This magazine-like blog is also a great resource for people with any kind of diabetes. It features columns including “Ask an Expert”, recipes, news, and tips. It is also houses a list of blogs published on the site itself.


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